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    Veja todos os Hotéis Próximos ao Anhembi

    Welcome to St. Paul!

    Photo: Fábio Montanheiro/ SPTuris.

    São Paulo is a city with thousands of activities and cultural programming, seja not theater, cinema, shows musicais, entertainment for kids. The São Paulo night is also quite known worldwide, with options for all tastes.

    The city also boasts numerous attractions such as parks, cultural centers, libraries, historic buildings that keep the history and much more. Check out more information on the site: cidadedesaopaulo.com

    São Paulo Experience

    São Paulo is revealed slowly and not always easy to find your best pleasures and sensations. With this guide, you shorten the paths to reach the richest experiences and intense metropolis. Click here to download!

    Hotels near Anhembi

    Want to include your site hotel guide here in Sao Paulo? Between em contact and send your suggestion.

    Stay one more day in Sao Paulo

    Where to stay, comer and if divertir: reserve time and becomes one more day to know the best of the state capital!

    Sao Paulo 360º

    Mercadão. Photo: Jeferson Pancieri|SPTuris

    Take a virtual tour of the main attractions of Sao Paulo in photos 360 degrees, as the Municipal Market and the Mercadão. Write Online visit!