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  • Events are the best ways to strengthen the market


    06/03/2017 9:42

    5 Motivos para fortalecer o mercado realizando eventos

    Events are an important tool marketing and on networking to the development of any sector. It, the past five years, this market undergoes changes. Fairs and conventions are opting for unexplored niches and, therefore, They are looking for places that also offer smaller spaces.

    These new methods strengthen the product, the service and the professional category, as they address specific topics for each area, thus instigating the interest of visitors. An example is the calendar Anhembi, which hosted this year several events, among them 14Edition of the Vet Expo e o International Meeting of the Brazilian Academy of Osseointegration. Both, small and medium-sized events, with an important role in moving the market in their sectors, besides providing engagement with the external public, as potential suppliers and buyers.

    Corporate events also allow interaction between brands and their customers, providing a more personal contact between the two; it often creates long-term relationships of trust with the product. for such, a smaller, versatile place is often the solution to the event. Spaces like Convention Palace ou o Elis Regina Auditorium behave satisfactorily a small fair or lecture schedule for a small audience, as National Convention Seicho No Ie.

    1 – Cria network para profissionais do setor

    Escolar Office Brasil. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

    School Office Brazil. Photo: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

    2 – Movimenta o mercado do setor

    Vet Expo 2016. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

    Vet Expo 2016. Photo: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

    3 – Aproximam o público, tanto interno quanto externo

    Expo Pizzaria. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

    Expo Pizzaria. Photo: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

    4 – Geram relações de confiança duradouras

    Consulfarma. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

    Consulfarma. Photo: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

    5 – Um lugar menor também é uma opção

    Auditório Elis Regina. Foto: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

    Elis Regina Auditorium. Photo: Jose Cordeiro/ SPTuris.

    Pensou Eventos, he thought Anhembi